Saturday, 3 January 2015

2015 Goodread Challenge

This year I'm trying to document my reading online a little better and as I am finally getting to grips with using Goodreads I've decided to take part in their 2015 Reading Challenge.

The premise of the challenge is so simple that anyone can have a go, all you do is set yourself a target number of books to read before the end of the year and then record all of your reading so that you can track your progress. I've set myself the ambitious challenge of reading 300 books this year which, although it will be possible, is undeniably a tricky number of books to read in a year so wish me luck!

I know that many people are sceptical of the challenge because they feel pressure to keep to the target but I am primarily using it to keep myself focused on reading books which I haven't read before and as a way to allow you to see all of the books that I've been reading.

You can monitor my progress in the right hand column of my blog if you are interested in seeing how I'm getting along and you can see a full list of what I'm reading on my Goodreads page.

To find out more about the challenge click here and let me know in the comments below whether you are trying the challenge too!


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