Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Beach Café by Lucy Diamond

"You might not ever read this letter - maybe life will take some unexpected twists and turns for us both, and my words will become meaningless. But I'd like to state, here and now, that in the event of my untimely death, I am leaving you the café in my will". 

This looked like the perfect holiday read to me and so when the sun came out, I duly read it. 

The story follows Evie who has followed her heart but is yet to really make anything of her life and is now trapped with sensible Matthew as a boyfriend as well as a job which she hates. Everything changes for her though when her Aunt Jo dies suddenly, leaving her favourite niece, Evie, the beach café in her will. The café was Jo's pride and joy, situated in a little village in Cornwall, directly on the seafront and now it is up to Evie to keep the café going.

Having the café puts a strain on Evie's relationship with Matthew who feels that running and owning a café is not a steady enough job. He urges her to sell it and to return to Oxford in order to begin a teaching degree but all Evie really wants is to run the café and continue its success. I immediately took a dislike to Matthew with his rules because he appeared to be stifling Evie's free soul and stopping her from really living her life.

Lucy Diamond - the author
All is not plain sailing for Evie though in Cornwall and as can be expected she encounters some problems along the way. She hires a mysterious chef called Ed and takes on Phoebe who has run away from home as well as trying to establish herself and the café as the heart of the community.

Lucy Diamond, the author, is no stranger to writing popular women's novels and has recently released a new novel, 'Me and Mr Jones'. After thoroughly enjoying this Diamond novel, I may look for some of her other novels to read in my free time.

This was a really good read with a feel-good factor which had me smiling and in a summery mood until the last page. If you are a fan of romantic novels and are looking for something light to read then I would definitely recommend 'The Beach Café'!

Please leave your comments below and let me know if there are any other good summer novels which you recommend.


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